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23andMe Finds Genes for Motion Sickness


The personal genomics company 23andMe has identified 35 genetic factors tied to motion sickness, according to a new study published in the journal Human Molecular Genetics.

In what the company says is the first ever genome-wide study looking at motion sickness, 23andMe was able to determine several genes that may be tied to the nausea associated with movement in a car or on a boat. Motion sickness affects around one in three people, and prior research has suggested that it could be hereditary.

The researchers, who are employed by 23andMe (or have been in the past) and own stock options in the company, used genetic data from more than 80,000 23andMe customers. They found that many of these genetic factors were involved in balance, eye and ear development and the nervous system. Overall, the effect appeared to be stronger in women.

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Kate Winslet on Losing Baby Weight: ‘I’d Rather Be Well-Fed and Happy’


Kate Winslet isn’t looking for perfection in life – in fact, far from it.

In an interview with the U.K.’s Harper’s Bazaar, the Oscar-winning actress talks about raising her three children during emotionally difficult times.

“I think it’s very important to teach your children to struggle on some level,” Winslet, 39, says in the publication’s March cover story. “I wouldn’t change a thing. Even all the bad bits. It doesn’t matter how [bad] times have been, they all matter, because those things shape who you are.”

A busy mom to three children – daughter Mia, 14, from her first marriage to Jim Threapleton; son Joe, 11, from her second marriage to director Sam Mendes; and 15-month-old son Bear with her current husband, Ned RocknRoll – Winslet has neither the time nor inclination to indulge in body-conscious thoughts or post-baby diets.

“I so didn’t want to be one of those…

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6 Things to Know About Groundhog Day


Weather forecasters once again ceded the stage Monday morning to a furrier expert: a groundhog named Phil.

That’s because Feb. 2 is the 129th official Groundhog Day. This time Punxsutawney Phil left his cozy burrow in Pennsylvania’s Gobbler’s Knob near Pittsburgh, saw his shadow, and broke the news that we’re doomed to another six weeks of winter rather than treated to an early spring. Every Bill Murray fan knows the basics—if Phil sees his shadow, six more weeks of winter are in store—but here are 6 facts you might know about Groundhog Day.

1. Legend has it that Punxsutawney Phil communicates his yearly forecast in the language “grondhogese” to the head of what’s known as the Groundhog Club’s Inner Circle, who just so happens to be fluent in the ancient, animal tongue. The Inner Circle members actually decide ahead of time.

2. Phil has a sassy side. During prohibition

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The Brutally Depressing Superbowl: But This Land is My Land


The Brutally Depressing Superbowl: But this land is my land

west virginia skyline
Admittedly, I watch the Superbowl for its ads. Actually, I used to do that. I have started to actually like watching the game of football; in particular when the New England Patriots are losing or the New York Giants are winning. Neither seems to happen as often as I would like.  Last night’s game was downright depressing for any Seattle Seahawks fan. To come that close and lose in the last few seconds is brutal to the psyche. I can assure you that Russell Wilson did not sleep a wink last night running that last play repeatedly in his head and thinking “what if.”  Brutal.

Anyway, during the Superbowl Katy Perry showed off some weird outfits while wearing cool shiny silver shoes. I swear I have a pair of silver shoes that look like hers. There was a mighty depressing…

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